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TAGS are in the process of setting up groups in Reading and Belfast. For further information on these please email us.



If you wish to set up a local group with us our policies are listed below:


1. Events can be advertised on our website - www.tagswim.co.uk


2. We ask that our swimming events are for the transgender and gender non-conforming community only and that SOFFA events are agreed with other members of your group before hand. The exception to this is when parents or carers accompany trans swimmers for support. For example we have a disabled non-binary swimmer who is supported at the event by a carer.


3. That staff providing a swimming space are trained if possible or made aware of transgender issues.


4. That changing facilities are appropriate to the needs of the transgender and gender non-conforming community and that we are provided with safe and discreet changing facilities. We will only support spaces which provide exclusive facilities to TAGS service users.


5. We have a policy of no toleration for transphobia and deal with cis-sexism in a timely and apporoprite way. Any incidents of transphobia and cis-sexism should be reported to TAGS within 48 hours.


6. The TAGS logo if used by another organisation is not changed in any way.