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TAGS recent article in the Independent can be found here >>



Tags Swimming Lewisham is to be visited by the Huffington Post on Friday 10/02/17 to talk to swimmers about trans and swimming.


Very successful visit to Lewisham space by Huffington Post on 10/12/17. Looking forward to seeing their film.


It was encouraging, that the Sport Select Committee are moving towards taking constructive action on homophobia in sport. It seemed, however, the media followed an uninclusive path by just mentioning homophobia. It did not show how difficult it is for trans and non-binary people to actually participate in Sport. It was favourable, that Ruth Hunt made a statement about this issue and swimming.orgs recent report to the Select committee in December 2015 was also positive. However, there needs to be a big shift in the cultural norm, which will move towards creating spaces that are safe and inclusive for the trans and non-binary community.

This needs to be seen through action rather than rhetoric. There is a desire for trans inclusion in sport, from major sporting bodies.Tags surveyed over 200 trans and non-binary people last year to draw on what we already knew. Transphobia and fear are the biggest impediments to participation. Tags CIC is making big moves to shift this.


Tags swimming is still running weekly in Lewisham and monthly in Swiss Cottage and Birmingham.