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Every Friday, 8.30-10 PM, £3.65 per session

Glass Mill Leisure Centre, 41 Loampit Vale, Lewisham SE13 7FT

The Lewisham space has been running for over tow and a half years. We have provided safe swimming access to trans people across the South East and have had swimmers from as far a field as Cambridge.


Come and join us at London's first transgender and gender non-conforming swimming group. We usually meet up in the cafe area from around 8pm. Nearest station is Lewisham and the centre has a car park in the complex with the entrance located in Elmira Street.


***Attention All SE London TAGS are testing out SOFFA events (Significant other, friends, family and allies) Every 2nd Friday of the month so feel free to bring along who ever feels like they are missing out! Or if you need a little bit of extra support bring them along.***