Mark Spitz (Modesto, California, USA)

The champion developed a love of swimming since childhood. At the age of 3, he was already a good swimmer, at 5 he started competing, and at 10 he won his first victories and became the owner of 17 national and 1 world records. When the swimmer was 15, he won 4 gold medals at the Olympic games in Maccabian (Israel).

Mark Spitz is a pioneer who managed to win 7 gold medals at one Olympic games in 1972 in Munich. Each of the awards was supplemented with a world record. After these games, the swimmer ends his sports career. In total, mark Spitz recorded 33 world records.

Interesting facts about the athlete

Mark Spitz stood out among other athletes for his laziness and cowardice. No wonder they called him the “lazy athlete”. Before the performance, the coach gave him a “magic pill” that would help him win. In reality, it was just ordinary glucose – the placebo effect worked all the time.
To the coach’s question: “does the moustache get in the way during the competition?» Mark replied that they even help to divert water from his mouth, thereby contributing to a more streamlined body and increased speed. In the following competitions, all Soviet athletes performed with a mustache.
After becoming famous, mark Spitz began to act a lot in advertising. Once, in a live ad for shaving supplies, for a million dollars, he shaved off his famous mustache!
He was awarded the title “Swimmer of the year”three times.

Michael Phelps (Baltimore, MD)

Michael Phelps can be called one of the greatest and most honored swimmers in history. Phelps ‘ athletic career is a series of endless victories and achievements! The champion starts setting records at the age of 16. In total, he has 28 Olympic medals and 29 individual world records in his Arsenal.

In 2001, Michael Phelps set his first world record for the 200-meter butterfly. The next glory came to the athlete 3 years later at the Olympics in Athens: 8 awards, 6 of them – gold medals!

At the championship in Melbourne in 2007, Michael Phelps confidently took 7 more gold medals. A year later, at the Beijing Olympics, the swimmer again surprises the world with his victories. Michael wins 8 gold medals, beating the record of Mark Spitz, who held him for 36 years (7 gold medals at the Olympic games alone).

The athlete’s career ended in 2016. He is now married to model Nicole Johnson and they have a young son.

Interesting facts about the athlete champion is the author of 2 books: «Beneath the surface: My story ” (2008) and “Without limits: the pursuit of success” (2009).
Michael drinks a very large amount of water a day. The Guinness Book of records even recorded a case when he drank 91 liters in a day, that is, more than he weighs.
In addition to his athletic achievements, Michael Phelps is famous for his diet, which involves eating 10,000 calories a day!
The swimmer has a non – standard leg size-47. The arm span is 201 – 203 cm, which is 10 cm more than the athlete’s own height!
Phelps was awarded the swimmer of the year award 7 times.
In 2004, in the city of Baltimore, where the swimmer was born, one of the streets was named after him.