Khailova won the 1500m freestyle at the Russian Championship

Alexandra Khailova won the 1500m freestyle swim at the Russian Swimming Championships in Kazan.Khailova swam the distance in 16 minutes 35.38 seconds. The second place was taken by Yana Kurtseva (16.40.47), the third was Ekaterina Sorokina (16.47.91).The Russian Swimming Championships will end on Friday. Borodin: Russia’s record is 200 m more expensive than 400 m […]

The history of swimming

Swimming is a sport, the essence of which is to overcome a certain distance by swimming in the shortest time. Swimming is certainly one of the oldest sports. People many centuries ago adopted different ways of swimming from animals, which helped them in fishing, moving from coast to coast, or simply in military Affairs. The […]

Adam Peaty – British Swimming World-Class Programme

Adam Peaty is among 53 athletes who have been selected for the British Swimming World-Class Programme (WCP) for the 2020-2021 season. There is though no place for IMers Hannah Miley and Aimee Willmott – who boast four Olympic finals, eight European medals and the last three Commonwealth titles between them. Neither is their fellow medley specialist Abbie Wood selected for the programme […]

Efimova plans to fly from the United States to participate in the Russian swimming Championships

Six-time world champion in swimming Yulia Efimova would like to take part in the Russian swimming Championships. This was reported by the athlete’s agent Olga Eliseeva. Efimova is currently in the United States. “Yulia would like to fly to the Russian championship. But now it is difficult to plan anything, everything is constantly changing. We […]

FINA approved the change of sports citizenship of Tatyana Belonogoff

The international swimming Federation (FINA) has approved the change of sports citizenship of British swimmer Tatyana Belonogoff to Russian, the press service of the all-Russian swimming Federation reports. “After reviewing the various documents provided by your Federation, we inform you that FINA has approved the request to change Tatyana Belonogoff’s sports citizenship from British to […]

Olympic selection in open water swimming will be held on may 29-30 in Japan

The qualifying pre-Olympic marathon in open water swimming will be held in Fukuoka, Japan, at the end of may 2021, according to the official website of the International swimming Federation (FINA).The qualification tournament was supposed to be held in 2020, but, like the 2020 Olympics, it was postponed to 2021.“So far, FINA has announced that […]

Swimming as a sport-through the centuries to achievements

Swimming and healthSwimming as a sport has long established itself among professionals and Amateurs, but its importance for health promotion and human development in General, it is difficult to overestimate: strengthens internal organs and their work: heart, vascular and nervous systems (eliminates nervousness), breathing; promotes the growth of teenagers, as the spine is unloaded and […]