Asian Games Medallist Swimmer Virdhawal Khade Might “Consider Retirement” If Pools Don’t Open For Training

Asian Games bronze medallist Virdhawal Khade said the delay in resumption of training would put the Indian swimmers at a huge disadvantage ahead of Tokyo Olympic Games. Frustrated at not being able to resume training, Asian Games bronze medallist Virdhawal Khade on Sunday said he may consider retiring from the sport if swimming pools continue […]

The 4 Sins of Swimming

1. Leaving early. Five seconds apart. Not three. Not four. Definitely not two. Five. One, two, three, four, five. If you have yet to figure out how to read the pace clock, you can count out loud if need be. Say it with me: One, two, three, four, five. The sin of leaving early exponentially increases the […]

FINA approved world record for the Russian swimmers at short course swimming

The international swimming Federation (FINA) has officially approved a new world record in the 4×50 meter mixed combined relay in a 25-meter pool. It was installed by Russians Kliment Kolesnikov, Vladimir Morozov, Arina Surkova and Maria Kameneva in December 2019. FINA and the VFP congratulate Kliment, Vladimir, Arina and Maria and their coaches with the […]

Styles of swimming

Sports (Olympic) swimming styles Freestyle (crawl on the chest) Freestyle (aka front crawl), is sometimes called in the English style, freestyle, fast, and efficient. This is the fastest style of swimming. But at the same time, the crawl can swim a fairly long distance without critical fatigue. That is why usually swimmers in open water […]

Six swimmers have sued the us swimming Federation over the sexual abuse of coaches

Six American swimmers have sued the us swimming Federation over sexual abuse suffered by their coaches. Debra Grodenski, Suzette Moran, Tracy Palmero and three other athletes who requested anonymity filed charges against former US team Director Everett Uchiyama, as well as former national team coaches Mitch Ivey and Andrew king. The lawsuits allege that representatives […]

World Aquatics Championships in Japan postponed to 2022

The international swimming Federation reported that the 2021 world aquatics Championships, which were planned to be held in Fukuoka (Japan), were postponed to 2022 due to the coronavirus pandemic. — After discussing the situation with interested parties and receiving feedback from them, we have no doubt that the decision to postpone the event will provide […]