Three-time Olympic medalist in swimming Yulia Efimova admitted that the dream of winning Olympic gold makes her stay in the sport, and if she won it at the first Games, she could end her career.
Efimova is a bronze medalist at the Olympic games in London and a silver medalist at the games in Rio de Janeiro.
“The Olympics are what allows me to stay in the sport. My dad put this dream into me – to be an Olympic champion. I have all the medals except the Olympic gold. If I had won gold at 16, I don’t know what my fate would have been. Maybe I would have finished right away, or maybe I would have continued. But for now, this goal remains and I am going to this goal,” Efimova said in an interview on Instagram live Andrey_and_Pasha.

Disguise ourselves. Efimova showed training in the original defense

Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova held a training session in a huge monkey mask, so she showed a comic version of the need to wear protective equipment during training. About it writes “gazety”.
“When the coach says that you need to wear a mask in the gym,” Efimova wrote on Instagram.
Wearing a monkey mask, she did some warm-up exercises. At the same time, the swimmer did not get into the water.

Kameneva won the 100 m backstroke in the Russian Cup Final

Maria Kameneva won the 100-meter backstroke in the final of the Russian swimming Cup, which is being held in Obninsk.
Kameneva in the final heat showed a result of 59.92 seconds, the second was Daria K. Ustinova (1 minute 1.25 seconds), closed the top three Anastasia Klyarovskaya (1.01,66).
Oleg Kostin became the best swimmer in the 50 – meter butterfly, with a time of 23.09 seconds in the final. Roman Shevlyakov took the second place (23.76), Daniil Markov (23.78) – the third.