The international swimming Federation (FINA) has officially approved a new world record in the 4×50 meter mixed combined relay in a 25-meter pool. It was installed by Russians Kliment Kolesnikov, Vladimir Morozov, Arina Surkova and Maria Kameneva in December 2019.

  • FINA and the VFP congratulate Kliment, Vladimir, Arina and Maria and their coaches with the approval of the established world record — – said on the website of the all-Russian swimming Federation (VFP).
    Kolesnikov, Morozov, Surkova and Kameneva won gold at the December European Championships in Glasgow, with a time of 1 minute 36.22 seconds.

The head coach of the Russian national swimming team will join the team at the second training camp

The head coach of the Russian national swimming team, Sergey Chepik, will join the team at the second training camp at the Krugloe Lake base near Moscow. This was reported to the source by the specialist himself.

The second collection will begin immediately after the end of the first-on June 23.

Chepik decided to skip the first training camp, since a limited number of people are allowed to enter the base from each team. The coach gave his place to the team doctor.

Note that the bronze medalist of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, world champion and record holder Anton Chupkov will leave the base on Saturday and will continue individual training in one of the Moscow pools from June 23.

“Only Anton will leave the gathering,” Chepik said.
We will remind, swimmers stopped by the “Round Lake” base in early June and resumed training after a two-month break caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Efimova has not spoken to her mother for three years

The mother of six-time world champion swimmer Yulia Efimova Tatyana told about the difficult relationship with her daughter.

— Now I live with my civil husband on a pension of 8,500 rubles. I have four dogs, eight cats, and a vegetable garden. Previously, Yulia bought me beautiful things and household appliances. But then, in 2017, something happened, and she stopped communicating with me, — said Tatyana Efimova.
She noted that the discord in their relationship began after Efimova moved to the United States, after which the athlete stopped contacting her mother.

28-year-old Efimova is a six-time world champion, seven-time European champion and three-time Olympic medalist.