Alexandra Khailova won the 1500m freestyle swim at the Russian Swimming Championships in Kazan.
Khailova swam the distance in 16 minutes 35.38 seconds. The second place was taken by Yana Kurtseva (16.40.47), the third was Ekaterina Sorokina (16.47.91).
The Russian Swimming Championships will end on Friday.

Borodin: Russia’s record is 200 m more expensive than 400 m

Swimmer Ilya Borodin said that the national record in the 200 m complex turned out to be more unexpected for him in the result at the Russian championship than the 400 m, so it is more expensive.
17-year-old Borodin on Thursday at the Russian Championships in Kazan broke the youth world record in swimming in the 400 m complex and set a new adult record for the country. At the 200 m complex, he previously also updated the Russian record.
The record at 200 m in a complex is somehow more dear to me, because I did not believe in such a result that I would be able to swim so fast. And at 400 m the goal was originally to swim for a record. I began to swim with a complex after the” Funny Dolphin “. There I won the 200m complex and that’s it, I continue to swim. Now the plan is to qualify for the Olympics and then see what will happen. We need to work a lot for this. Well, to qualify for it, but I want to reach the final at least at the Olympics “, – Borodin said.

Vaskina: I was afraid that we would not be able to return to our usual rhythm

The winner of the World Swimming Championships Daria Vaskina said that she was worried about the moment of returning to normal life after a long isolation in the coronavirus pandemic.
Vaskina on Thursday won the 50m backstroke at the Russian Championships in Kazan.
“There was a strong anxiety in quarantine due to the fact that we will not be able to return to the usual rhythm of life. That all this will now be like” before “and” after “the pandemic. In addition, I am the person who cannot sit on one at all Two weeks, and I need to move constantly. This year I have been a lot on Krugly – you can count on your fingers the days you spent at home. Psychologically, it would be very difficult for me to sit for most of the year. Sitting in four walls alone is for me death “, – said Vaskina