The qualifying pre-Olympic marathon in open water swimming will be held in Fukuoka, Japan, at the end of may 2021, according to the official website of the International swimming Federation (FINA).
The qualification tournament was supposed to be held in 2020, but, like the 2020 Olympics, it was postponed to 2021.
“So far, FINA has announced that the selection will take place on may 29-30, but it is difficult to say how it will end up. So far, we are focusing on these dates, ” senior coach of the Russian national team Sergey Burkov told RIA Novosti by phone.
The Russian national team has not yet won quotas in this sport to participate in the games in Tokyo.

The 2022 European water Polo championship will be held in Croatia

Croatian Split will host the European water Polo championship in 2022, according to the website of the European swimming League (LEN).
The competition dates are scheduled for late summer and early autumn, despite the fact that the last two European Championships were held in the summer. It is noted that the schedule of competitions was affected by the coronavirus pandemic, because of which the Olympic games were postponed to 2021, and the world aquatics Championships were postponed from the summer of 2021 to may 2022.
The 2022 European aquatics Championships will be held in Rome from 11 to 21 August.

Minakov trains on the basis of “Round Lake” and will not go to the USA this year

World swimming championship medalist Andrey Minakov joined the national team at the training camp at Lake Krugloe and will not go to the United States this year, Russian national team head coach Sergey Chepik told RIA Novosti.
Minakov enrolled at Stanford University and was scheduled to travel to the United States in August.
“Minakov trains on the Round, he will not go to the USA now, they gave him the go-ahead. He will train in Russia for the time being. As far as I understand, they kept his place, he will go there to study, but this is still being postponed,” Chepik told RIA Novosti by phone.
“It was decided to stay for a year due to the unfavorable situation there (in the US). This year I will have distance learning, ” Minakov said.