Swimming is a natural process
Unlike loads in the gym, which are often more harmful than useful, swimming is a natural process. There is not a lot of weight, as is often the case with a barbell, for example, there is no excessive physical exertion, and most importantly-the human body is as relaxed as possible and this allows you to remove the load from the spine, which is very beneficial for it. However-about everything in order.

The naturalness of the swimming process can only be compared with the naturalness of running – running and swimming are really conceived for a person by nature itself, as the two most common types of activity.

But with running, there is a problem of incorrect technique, poor-quality shoes and too hard surface, and all this in combination-often leads to the destruction of the spine and joints. Therefore, in the case of running – there are many important factors that determine whether running will be useful or Vice versa.

What can not be said about swimming, because even with the wrong technique-it is difficult to harm your health. The maximum that we are in danger of is swallowing water. On the other hand – and here the measure is important – to swim until complete exhaustion and exhaustion, too, is not quite reasonable.

And most importantly, despite the relaxation of the spine, almost all the muscles are involved in the swimming process, which allows you to develop harmoniously thanks only to the swimming process. Now let’s take a closer look at ten reasons to do swimming, a very useful type of physical activity.

Improving muscle tone as the main reason to take up swimming
Regardless of the chosen swimming style, all muscle groups are worked out, which allows you to keep them in good shape. With regular swimming, the strength and endurance of the muscles will increase.

During the swimming process, there is a uniform process of tension and relaxation of the muscles, which has a very positive effect on the process of their development. And the most interesting thing is that water supports the body to some extent in a weightless state, which allows you to avoid excessive stress on the muscles. Therefore, this is the main reason to go swimming.

Development of joint flexibility and mobility
Movements of the hands and feet during the swimming process have a beneficial effect on the shoulder and pelvic joints. The spine itself stretches out during swimming and all the vertebrae fall into place

Thus, even ordinary swimming can replace the services of a massage therapist and even solve problems with the spine and joints without any outside intervention. Swimming increases joint flexibility in the neck, shoulders and hips, which also helps prevent joint diseases.

Swimming for weight loss
Swimming is one of the most energy-intensive types of physical activity, because as mentioned above, almost all the muscles of our body are involved here. In water, the human body radiates much more heat and as a result-energy costs are higher, which contributes to rapid weight loss.

To lose weight while swimming, you should adhere to the following rules: it is constantly afloat, so that all the muscles are in constant tension. The second rule is constant active movement – so that the process of energy consumption does not stop.

The third rule – the most energy-consuming swimming style is “butterfly” and it should be preferred to lose weight. However, at the same time – swimming styles are recommended to alternate to give the body different types of loads.

And the most important rule – it is not recommended to eat for an hour after training, since eating will stop the process of burning calories in the body, and this is very important if you are engaged in swimming to reduce weight.

Also an important recommendation for the duration of training – to start the weight loss process-training should last at least 30 minutes, and the frequency is at least 2-3 times a week, and better still more

Strengthening other training sessions
In professional sports, swimming is one of the components of OFS-General physical training. That is, regardless of the sport-many professional athletes are engaged in swimming.

The reason for this was already mentioned above – swimming harmoniously trains and develops the body, which allows you to increase strength and endurance. And these indicators are important in any sport, and just in everyday life.

And most importantly – swimming allows you to recover from sports injuries, as the relaxation of the spine and joints during swimming – contributes to their recovery.

Improving the cardiovascular system
As mentioned above, swimming increases endurance. And such an indicator as endurance is, first of all, the endurance of the heart. Active movements during any of the swimming styles-cause the heart to pump blood more actively through the body.

As a result, the heart muscle is trained, blood flow improves, blood vessels are cleared, and so on. Swimming is one of the most effective types of prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Although if there is a problem with the heart or blood vessels, then swimming can be dangerous, but again, it is still less dangerous than most other sports.