The 2021 European short course swimming Championships will be held in Kazan, but will be held a month earlier than planned, according to the website of the European swimming League. The competition will be held on November 2-7 in Kazan.

The decision was made after the 2020 world short course swimming Championships, which were due to be held in December in Abu Dhabi, were postponed to 2021.

World open water swimming Championships postponed to next year

The world open water swimming Championships will be held in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the website of the International swimming Federation (FINA). It was supposed to take place in December of this year.

The world swimming Championships will be held in Abu Dhabi. The capital of the UAE will host the competition from 13 to 18 December 2021.

— Over the past weeks, we have worked closely with the UAE authorities on this issue, and we believe that this is the most appropriate solution for all participants of this tournament, — said the organization.

According to the latest data, the total number of people infected with coronavirus in the world has reached 5,090,107. Recorded 329 735 deaths, recovered 2 024 286 people.

Australian swimmer Shaina Jack on four-year suspension: “The worst aspect of the anti-doping system is the presumption of guilt»

Four-time 2017 swimming world Cup medallist Shaina Jack said she was preparing for a hearing in CAS over a four-year suspension for doping.

In 2019, a blood sample taken on the eve of the world Cup tested positive for ligandrol.

“Now the real battle begins. Today, I received additional notice of my hearing at the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Almost 12 months ago, my world was turned upside down by allegations of using illegal drugs. Despite the fact that all my life I was clean and knew that I did not use any illegal substances, my life changed overnight, and I found myself in an unknown world of lawyers, politics and fraud, which was completely foreign to me.

This process was extremely difficult and sometimes exhausting. Many aspects of the anti – doping system have serious flaws, but perhaps the worst of them is the presumption of guilt. Which system initially assumes that you are guilty of the alleged violation and holds you responsible for proving your innocence?

Now I have the opportunity to fight for my career and reputation. I intend to win this fight, go back to the pool and be a member of the Australian team again. Everyone knows what it’s like to have something valuable taken away from you, and I’m no different,” Jack wrote.